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Although it might have happened anywhere, my encounter with the green bananasta rted on a steep mountain road in the central area of Brazil. My ancient jeep was straining up through beautiful countryside when the radiator began...

根据具体语境的话,有些单词、短语会有引申的含义;本人认为green banaba除了意为“绿香蕉”,应该还可以指“生手、在发展中的事物(未成熟),或者表达不受欢迎之意”。

those first wild rumors about his antecedents,

根据具体语境的话,有些单词、短语会有引申的含义;本人认为green banaba除了意为“绿香蕉”,应该还可以指“生手、在发展中的事物(未成熟),或者表达不受欢迎之意”。。。希望你可以根据具体情景进行理解


These green bananas are theirs

选择C:green 说明: The banana is green. 那只香蕉没成熟。 green 绿色的、未成熟的

agree the person who said on the top,do it youself. “The green banana” “Although it might have happened anywhere, my encounter with the ...

The Fruit of the Spirit's not a kiwi(Whee)The Fruit of the Spirit's ... red red apple, yellow yellow banana,green green 1(拍) 1 2 1 1 2 1...

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